In name of the organization Committee and of past presidents of previous congresses celebrated in Madrid, Santiago de Compostela, Almeria, Oviedo and Valladolid, I have the honour to present the Organization of the VII INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF PSYCHOLOGY AND EDUCATION, to be celebrated in the Spanish-Portuguese border town of Badajoz during the 9, 10, 11 of April 2014.

With this letter, I invite you to participate in said congress. For us it would be an honour to have you at the congress in any way you wish, such as presenting a communication, a symposium, a workshop, a poster or simply with your attendance

We are doing all in our power to make said congress, as everyone wishes, a congress filled with rich, scientific, significant and unforgettable experiences.

With this in mind we have invited considerable representatives of Psychology and Education. To be included in the various topics of the congress. Amongst the confirmed invitations who will honour us with their presence and contributions we can confirm the following conference spokespersons;

Prof. Dr. Jerome Bruner”, Prof., Dr. Ugur Sak, Prof., Dr. Richard Howell., Prof. Dr. Gamal Abdel Cerda Etchepare.,Prof. Dr. Vitaly Rubtsov., Prof. Dr. Fred Genesse.,Prof. Dr. Roger Azevedo,Profª. Drª. Sanna Jarvela, Prof. Dr. Georgios Sideridis, Profª. Drª. Rita Jordan.,Prof. Dr. Daniel J. Siegel., Prof. Dr. Bronius Aismontas, Prof. Dr. David C. Geary, Prof. Dr. Enrique García Fernández Abascal, Profª. Drª. Judith Wiener, Profª. Drª. Marina Mokhnacheva, Prof. Dr. Nolasc Acarin Tusel Prof. Dr. Marcel van Aken.

Furthermore, we are waiting for the confirmation of other distinguished specialists of Psychology and Education. We are sure that we can count on the immense majority of prestigious specialists and professors in the areas of Psychology and Education

The VII INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF PSYCHOLOGY AND EDUCATION will be an excellent learning opportunity and interchange of experiences. The congress has a enriches programme of conferences, speeches, as well as various topics within Psychology and Education that will permit the organization of Symposiums, Debates, Workshops, presentations, etc. We also have the possibility to publish in prestigious journals and/or a complete text with ISSN.

Also during the congress we plan to organize important debate tables, one of which will be dedicated to some of the greatest Spanish psychologists who have recently disappeared like Dr. Secadas, Dr. Pinillos and others. Another debate table will be dedicated to Politics and Education, for which we have invited the ministry of Education who has dictated laws since democracy. There are other debate tables still in planning, but we hope to define them in a few days time.

 The definitive programme will be finishes in several days, as we have commented; we hope to count on the presence of other significative representatives of Psychology and Education.

We hope to have your presence at the Congress. Your participation, as those named previously, will enrich, without a doubt, this prestigious and scientific event. Until then, we are completely at your service.

Florencio Vicente Castro President of the Organization Committee

Florencio Vicente Castro

Florencio Vicente Castro

President of the Organization Committee